Atelier V - Virtual home staging

Are you looking to transform your space without the hassle of major construction work? As a digital interior designer, I specialize in using 3D visualization to help you reimagine your home or office. Whether you're a prospective buyer or a homeowner with dated interiors, I can bring your vision to life, making it easier to sell your property or create a stunning living environment. Contact me today to discuss how 3D visualization and digital interior design can benefit you.

1. Visualize the Potential

My digital interior design services go beyond traditional interior design by harnessing the power of 3D visualization. With this technology, I can help you envision the possibilities of your space. If you're selling a property, I can create artist impressions that showcase the potential of a building. This allows potential buyers to see the space after a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, and modern office furniture. It's a powerful tool for sparking their imagination and generating interest.

2. Easy Transformation

For those who prefer not to embark on major construction projects, my approach is ideal. You don't need an expensive interior designer who spends days reorganizing your place. I work with your existing layout and furniture placement, making minor but impactful changes to colors and textures. Through 3D visualization, potential buyers can visualize how the space could look with these small changes or renovations. It's a cost-effective way to breathe new life into your property without the headache of extensive renovations.

3. Say Goodbye to Dated Interiors

If you've inherited a home with a dated interior or if your living space reflects a distinctive style that might not appeal to everyone, I've got you covered. You don't need to spend weeks doing odd jobs or trying to make your home appear 'neutral' for potential buyers. My digital interior design services can turn your unique space into an asset. By showcasing your property's potential through 3D visualization, we can attract the right buyers who appreciate the character and charm of your space.

4. Submit Your Space for Transformation

Ready to get started? All you need to do is send me pictures of your space with the existing furniture and layout. I'll use my Photoshop skills to create a new interior while keeping your objects in place. You won't have to invest in an expensive interior designer, and I'll send you the transformed pictures within 2 days. Say goodbye to the long wait times. Let's make your space the best it can be and get it noticed by those who truly appreciate its potential.

Transforming your property with furniture in 3D Visualization

Stress-Free Enhancements: With our services, you can upgrade your home's appearance without the stress and cost of major construction work.
Existing Furniture, New Look: We work with your existing furniture, ensuring no disruption to your daily life. Your beloved pieces stay in place while we transform the surroundings.
Vibrant Colors and Textures: Our 3D visualization expertise allows us to change the colors, textures, and flooring of your space, breathing fresh life into your home.
Stylish Furniture Selection: We'll introduce new, stylish furniture that complements your space, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.
No Structural Changes: Importantly, our process involves no structural alterations. Your property's integrity remains intact, and the changes are purely visual, making it a cost-effective and convenient solution.
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Transforming Your Empty Space with 3D Visualization

From Blank Canvas to Dream Home: If you have an empty property, we can help the potential buyers envision their dream home from. With 3D visualization, we show the potential of your property.
Furniture Selection: We''ll select and place furniture that complements your space, ensuring a harmonious and functional interior.
Stylish Flooring and Wall Finishes: We'll recommend and visualize flooring options and wall finishes, allowing you to see the impact of different textures, colors, and materials.
No Structural Changes: Importantly, our transformation is purely visual, and no structural changes are made. Your property's integrity remains intact while we bring your design vision to life.
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The design process

This allows you to reimagine your property, making it more marketable and appealing to a wider audience while avoiding the hassles and expenses of significant construction changes.

Step 1: Send property pictures

To begin, you will provide us with pictures of your property. These images serve as the foundation for the transformation. We may request photos of different rooms, angles, and details to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the space.

Step 2: 3D Visualization Transformation

Upon receiving your property pictures, we will work our magic using 3D visualization. No actual constructional changes will be made to your property. Instead, we will create stunning, lifelike renders by applying various design elements. This includes altering textures, colors, flooring, and furniture. Our goal is to showcase the potential of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Step 3: Utilize Renders for Presentation

Once the 3D visualization is complete, you'll receive the transformed renders of your property. These high-quality images will serve as a powerful tool to illustrate the property's potential to potential buyers or anyone interested in your space. You can use these renders for marketing, real estate listings, or simply to visualize the possibilities for your property. The renders will help you effectively communicate the transformation without the need for big construction work.